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No matter the season, there's always a need for quality equipment rentals in the Denver region. There are multiple types of jobs where a traditional ladder isn't efficient or safe. A better option is to rent a scissor lift for those taller jobs. Scissor lifts are safer, stronger, and sturdier, reach higher than ladders, and don't require a second set of hands to stabilize like a ladder. A scissor lift also enables people to work side by side at the same level, which is impossible with a ladder and usually requires complicated scaffolding. With affordable rental prices for scissor lifts, Mile High Forklift supplies your company or organization with the big tools you need to get the job done.

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Rent a Scissor lift in Denver ColoradoBuilding Maintenance

Buildings need repair and maintenance year round. The ability to rent a scissor lift streamlines building maintenance in several ways.

  • Makes reaching higher levels easy, safe and convenient
  • Increases maneuverability for painting, cleaning or repairing the exterior
  • Eliminates the need for unsightly scaffolding that can deter customers 
  • No need to worry about winds knocking over supports or ladders
  • Lower potential liability risk.

Theater Programs

For community or school theater programs, scissor lifts are invaluable for all the backstage elements that go into creating a great production. 

  • Easy to reach and change lights, adjust curtains and paint sets
  • Initial cost to rent a scissor lift higher than purchasing ladders but ladders are unstable, making it a worthwhile investment
  • Impossible to get up under lights or bars in the middle of the stage with a ladder. A scissor lift fits easily in all sorts of areas 

As long as there's a level surface beneath it and the stabilizers are down, the scissor lift can do any high reaching job required.

024Stocking Seasonal Items

There are times during the year when stores need a stock surplus to keep up with customer demand. The holidays are a prime example of this. Rent a scissor lift for your store and reduce the chaos of the season.

  • Easy to fetch that next pallet of items from top shelves before the next big rush
  • No risk of customers relocating a locked, anchored scissor lift

When you rent a scissor lift from Mile High Forklift, you're guaranteed a clean, dependable machine that suits your needs. Whatever you choose, we deliver it quickly and courteously to your business.

Ready to contact our rental department? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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