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Mile High Forklift Gives You the Right Equipment to Get the Job Done Right Every Time.

Having the right material handling equipment is crucial for warehouse and order fulfillment operations. Also, small retail outlets, nurseries, tree trimming businesses, and landscaping companies rely on forklifts to make warehousing and shipping operations more productive and efficient. 

Since 1998, businesses along the Front Range have relied on our local, family owned Mile High Forklift company to provide them with quality forklifts. Mile High Forklift provides a full line of quality new and used forklifts. 

Since its inception, Mile High has proudly offered the globally renowned brand, Tailift. Tailift, the leading and largest forklift manufacturer in Taiwan, has 35 years of experience in the research and development of material handling equipment. 

tailiftWhy You Need a Tailift Forklift

Companies in more than 50 countries worldwide enjoy the efficiency Tailift forklifts bring to their warehousing and shipping operations. 

  • Tailift forklifts have capabilities from one to sixteen tons, enhancing your flexibility and multitasking capabilities. As a result, in one shift you can stack pallets, transport containers, pull trailers, and load and unload trucks. 
  • All Tailift forklifts are ICE counterbalance trucks. This means better cycle times because there is no waiting for reach functions to access the load. 

All Tailift forklifts come equipped with either Isuzu, Yanmar, or Nissan engines engineered with next generation combustion technology. This provides you:

  • Low emissions and a quieter and more productive workplace. 
  • Less fuel consumption than other forklifts.
  • An environmentally friendly workplace.

All Tailift forklifts provide easy service access and are ergonomically designed to:

  • Decrease maintenance time and expense. 
  • Enhance your operator's comfort and productivity. 
  • Decrease your operator's stress by providing the perfect position for him or her.

Tailift forklifts have smaller steering wheels that provide:

  • Ease in operation and decreased arm and shoulder strain. 
  • Perfect operating position for enhanced performance. 


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